Wheelchair Transportation

When it comes to wheelchair transportation services, we are the best in this region. Our company operates with full understanding that this is not a luxury service but a necessary need. For people who have extreme medical conditions and disabilities, wheelchairs are the only ways that they can move around. As the leading non-emergency medical transportation service provider, we have a great team of professional experts. All our crews are trained to deliver the best care and will treat the patients with respect and dignity. Anytime that you are in need of our services, we will not keep you in wait; we are always on time.
Our transport services are safe, reliable, and comfortable and can be used by all manner of people. We have a contract with hundreds of organizations and we have always been committed to providing the best solutions. We have experienced crews who will help with wheelchair transportation. Every time that we have an opportunity to assist a client with a wheelchair, we will go the extra mile to provide exceptional care.
We have different services, which include:
Assisting clients onto the wheelchair and vehicles and helping them get off
Helping the passengers with the navigation of the steps
Strapping the patients securely to the wheelchair for safety
Pushing wheelchairs where necessary
Providing wheelchairs and lifts for those who need them
As you can see, our services are much more than just driving the patients. We are compassionate and we strive to ensure that all patients are comfortable and in high spirits.

Experienced Medical Transportation

All our crews are rigorously trained and certified, which makes it possible for us to offer quality services. We will always ensure that all the patients and passengers are handled with great care. With the advanced training, our staff members will be able to assist the elderly, sickly as well as those who have different disabilities. Each of the representatives has completed basic First Aid, Defensive Driving, and emergency preparation courses. We always arrive in branded vehicles and uniforms and will operate with professionals and the highest work ethics.

We have a very large fleet and we take pride in being a 24-hour wheelchair transportation service provider. We are flexible and we can be available at any time of the day or night. If you need to ride early or have been discharged late at night, we will be there to provide transport services. All our vehicles are fully insured and well-maintained to ensure that they are ready to move. We meet and satisfy all the ADA, federal and state requirements and we will never offer low-quality services. Our team of experts is always ready to help you with the transportation of your loved one.

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We are a company that has completed thousands of trips and all our clients are impressed with our services. If you are looking for non-emergency wheelchair transportation services, get in touch with us. We would be glad to transport your loved one in a safe and comfortable manner.